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CastleOS features
CastleOS or the CastleHUB?
Whether you're running CastleOS on your own computer, or get it with the CastleHUB, you get these same great features! Choose the option that works best for you with the confidence you aren't missing out on anything!
Try the CastleOS Demo!
Click here and use the username and password "demo" to see CastleOS for yourself! The demo works from any device.
Supports all your devices
CastleOS integrates support for more smart devices and protocols than any other home automation system.
Only CastleOS supports X10, INSTEON, Z-Wave, UPB, WeMo, LightwaveRF, Nest, Sonos, Ecobee, and others right out of the box.
Future-proofed: CastleOS will work with all upcoming smart devices thanks to our open architecture. See all the devices CastleOS supports!
Voice control
Download the optional CastleOS Kinect app, connect a Microsoft Kinect, and control your home by simply speaking out loud to your house!
A single Kinect can cover very large rooms, and CastleOS supports an unlimited number of Kinects in your home.
Control lighting, thermostats, and other devices by simply saying out loud, "computer, turn on the lights" or "house, turn up the air conditioning", or many other natural language commands! Learn more about Voice Control with CastleOS!
quickly access what's most important
Use the CastleOS Portal to quickly access the the most important parts of your smart home.
See what devices are currently on, what the energy usage is, adjust your thermostat, and have quick access to your personalized list of favorite devices!
No other home automation system features such a simple and functional "home" screen. See more CastleOS features!
Control your environment
Control your evironment with CastleOS using any one of a number of smart thermostats, including Nest, Ecobee, Insteon, Z-Wave, and more.
Easily schedule your thermostat to match your lifestyle, or even allow CastleOS to do it automatically!
Control and schedule irrigation systems, even adjust for rainfall! See more climate control features!
Energy Smart
CastleOS tracks your homes energy consumption, making easier than ever before to see where your money is being spent!
Track energy consumption by individual device, even if that device doesn't have an energy meter.
Studies have shown having access to home electrical consumption statistics results in a savings of at least 10% on the monthly bill. See how else CastleOS can save you money!
easy event scheduling
Event scheduling has never been easier than with the wizard-driven CastleOS app!
Quickly create device-triggered or date/time scheduled events.
Easily add conditions to events such as ensuring a device is at a specific state, the day of the week or time of the day is within a certain range, it's dark outside, and many more!
Get notifications via email and SMS, and even have your home make voice announcements! Learn more about Events with CastleOS!
Organize CastleOS Around You
Everyone gets their own account and can personalize various features within the CastleOS app.
Quickly change system modes between "home", "away", and "vacation" to set your house into an appropriate state automatically.
Organize your device list however you'd like, group by room, device type, or anything else! See more great CastleOS features!
Imagine creating a mood for your home, or rooms in your home, to enhance certain lifestyle events, and then simply telling your system, with one command, to set lights, sounds, heat or air conditioning for events such as: a romantic eventing, gaming, cocktail parties, homework, office environment, or anything you can imagine...and you've got it - instantly! Learn more!
Voice Control
Energy Management
Home Intelligence
Climate Control
Home Entertainment
Events & Scheduling
& Many More!
CastleOS complements the lifestyles of those of us who appreciate the latest technology in our homes, and assists many of us who require technology to live independently: opening doors, controlling lights, setting room temperatures, even adjusting bed positions while you sleep. Learn more!