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CastleOS Home Automation Suite
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CastleOS sets a new standard in home automation by simplifying existing common features and adding features never before seen in the industry.
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Details of CastleOS Home Automation Suite
CastleOS sets a new standard in home automation by simplifying existing common features and adding features never before seen in the industry. Features include:
  • Voice control with Kinect
  • User friendly events and scheduling capabilities
  • Energy management
  • Industry-leading security
  • Intuitive personalized devices and groupings
  • Climate control
  • Custom user settings
  • Includes one year of free updates
CastleOS utilizes the Kinect for voice control, which uses natural language processing (no commands to learn), and runs on any Windows computer. A single Kinect can easily provide coverage for a 35-ft long great room.

The Event and Scheduling subsystem offers simple scheduling and triggering capabilities that others don't. Schedule setup is simple, as CastleOS will guide the homeowner through the process utilizing a powerful and intelligent wizard. Events can be driven by a time or date, a schedule, or even by device actions (i.e. the garage door opens).

CastleOS is the first home automation system to fully integrate energy management and tracking into the core of a home intelligence system. CastleOS calculates real time energy usage, giving you both the ability to see at a glance your current energy consumption, as well as numerous historical trends and breakdowns through interactive charts, which has been proven to lead to a reduction in energy usage.

CastleOS has industry-leading security features including individual user accounts, hashed salted high work factor password storage at the Core Service, and AES 256-bit encryption of user information and passwords for all remote access apps. You will not find a password stored or transmitted in plain text here! In addition, users have the option of adding their own SSL certificate to add another layer of security!

With DawnGuard, NightShield, EnergyEye, PermaLight, and others, CastleOS is the first system to demystify advanced intelligence features for the user, making your home truly intelligent has never been easier!

CastleOS offers an intuitive display of your devices and their groupings, and is fully compatible with all Insteon-enabled home automation devices (more protocols/networks to come in future releases).

Climate control with CastleOS isn't just about remotely setting the thermostat, or scheduling the A/C to turn off while you are at work. It's about laying in bed in the middle of the night, and verbally telling your house to turn up the A/C because you're hot, by speaking out loud from the comfort of your bed. (Please note: sprinkler control will be enabled in a future release as part of the climate subsystem.)

As each user of CastleOS has their own personal account on the system, there are several ways individual users can personalize the system to the their liking. For instance, on the Portal (a quick access screen for several commonly used features), each user can customize their list of favorite/frequently used devices, groups, and scenes. Many more customizations will be possible as new features roll out!
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