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The CastleHUB - Smart Living Made Brilliant!
2 reviews
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Details of CastleHUB
The CastleHUB is your doorway to the universal intelligent home.

Important note: The CastleHUB includes a license to CastleOS. You do not need to purchase both items separately. Non-defect returns are subject to a restocking fee.
Reviews of CastleHUB
Customer Review
its more expensive than it should be
its price should lie btw around $150 to $200
By :
Looking to buy this product
This device and software seem to be a great way to increase the efficiency of any household. Seeing the only review on the store page being what it is, the review doesn't help me figure out if it's worth buying or not. It's interesting that the only comment is somewhat negative. My assumption is that the business would rather allow a negative review rather than to censor reviews that critique the product. That being said, JR99, your review; "its price should lie btw around $150 to $200 By : JR99" What is the reason you feel that the product is worth less than its current sell price? Do you have a background in software development or computer hardware that justifies your statement? Without any evidence to why you feel the product is worth less than its current price, your review is not really useful to anyone looking to buy the product. I'm glad the forums exist as I've learned a lot more about the CastleHub there.
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