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About CastleOS

The current release of CastleOS is "Miranda", version 1.1.1800. This download includes a 30-day free trial, and can be upgraded at any time to the licensed version. The cost of CastleOS is $199.99.

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Please read the important notes below, as help files are not included in this release.

Initial Setup

  • Upon installation, the user will be taken to the welcome screen for the very simple initial setup. Please enter the Insteon address of your USB adapter or PowerLinc Modem (PLM). Then please choose the COM port the Insteon adapter is using. Upon saving those settings, you'll be taken to an login screen, where you can use the administrator account to log in for the first time. The default username and password is "admin" for the username, and "password1234" for the password.

  • The admin account is intended to allow initial log in only, it is strongly recommended that the account is only used to:
    1) log in the first time
    2) change the admin password
    3) create the first user account
    Upon creation of the first account, the admin user will be automatically logged out. Please login with your new account, and proceed from there.

Mobile Users - Enable App

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users: on iOS, CastleOS is desinged to be used as a "web app", accessed from an icon on the home screen. In order to create the home screen icon and save your credentials, please follow these steps using Safari:
    1) make sure you have completed the initial setup, and are not logged in as admin; if logged in as admin or any other user, log out
    2) now logged out, log in (if logging in does not bring you to the portal, please logout from the security screen and log in again before proceeding to step 3)
    3) after logging in and before taking any other action, such as clicking a link, please press the create shortcut button in Safari, and select the "Add to Home Screen" button
    4) access CastleOS from the new home screen shortcut, but do not log out of either the web app or the Safari page - doing so in either will log you out of both
    5) if the login page shows when you press the home screen icon, you will need to delete the icon and repeat steps 1-4 above

  • Android users: in order to access CastleOS from your home screen as an app, please login to CastleOS through Chrome, press menu (in Chrome, not CastleOS), and select "Add to Homescreen". That's it!

  • Windows, Blackberry, and all other users: please login through your browser of choice and create a bookmark as you normally would. Please remember to click "remember me" when logging in!

System Requirements

For the CastleOS Core Service
Windows XP SP3, 2003 SP3, or newer
Intel Pentium 4 or newer

For the Kinect Voice Control Interface
Windows 7 or 8 (x86 & x64)
Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
Microsoft Kinect

Kinect Prerequisites
Kinect Drivers
Text-to-Speech Voice (to allow CastleOS to respond)

Multi-Language Support for Kinect Voice Control

  • In addition to American English, CastleOS currently supports English accents from Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. In order to support these additional languages, you'll need to download and install one additional file from Microsoft. First, please ensure you have already installed either the Kinect Runtime or SDK, as well as the text-to-speech voice. Once complete, install the file for locale below, then install the Kinect Service. You can select your language/accent from the Configurator after installation.

CastleOS Downloads

CastleOS Core Service - install this first
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CastleOS Kinect Service - install this second
Please login or register to download
1) We have recently received reports of an error message displaying during installation (error 4154). This is a false error, please click "Continue" to continue the installation normally
2) Please ensure you do not have another home automation software running at the same time as CastleOS, as it could prevent CastleOS from communicating with the PLM/Hub

Installation Guides

Beta Downloads

CastleOS Kinect Service - 7/16/2014