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Automation Is For Everyone
With CastleOS, the future of home automation is now, easy, and for everyone
"Computer, lights!"
With CastleOS and the Microsoft Kinect, you can speak to your home
Works On Any Device
Powered by HTML5, CastleOS works on any device with a web browser
Cut Your Energy Bill 10%
CastleOS tracks your energy use, showing you surprising ways to save money
Control your home on your mobile device from anywhere in the world! The only universal smart home controller, CastleOS works with devices from more brands and protocols than any other home automation system. CastleOS gives homeowners unprecedented ease of use and capability.
World's First Whole House Voice Control
CastleOS features full integration with the Microsoft Kinect's powerful microphone array, allowing you to control your home by simply speaking out loud
Simple, Yet Powerful
CastleOS features what we believe to be the simplest user interface in the industry (by a long shot), yet we didn't sacrifice capability to achieve simplicity
Smart, Energy Smart
With CastleOS and features like DawnGuard, NightShield, EnergyEye, PermaLight, and a powerful event scheduling system, your home saves energy for you

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CastleOS sets a new standard in home automation: between simplifying existing common features & adding features never before seen in the industry, CastleOS is leading the way to the future of home automation

Voice Control with Kinect

When we were kids growing up watching Star Trek, we were amazed and inspired by the crew's ability to speak to their ship. And we wondered, why couldn't we do that in real life? Well, we got tired of waiting. When the Kinect was released, we realized we could build a 24th century voice control system here in the 21st century. We immediately set to work, and thus CastleOS was born. Our voice control uses natural language processing (no commands to learn), and runs on any Windows computer. A single Kinect has easily provided coverage for a 35-ft long great room.

Energy Management

CastleOS is the first home automation system to fully integrate energy management and tracking into the core of a home intelligence system. CastleOS calculates real time energy usage, giving you both the ability to see at a glance your current energy consumption, as well as numerous historical trends and breakdowns through interactive charts. Scientific studies have shown that having access to this kind of information always leads to a reduction in energy usage, so when you think about it, this feature alone will pay for CastleOS...and then some.

Home Intelligence

Many home automation software options on the market today are nothing more than glorified remote controls. Many others are so complicated, they are difficult to put to use. CastleOS is the first system to demystify advanced intelligence features for the user. With DawnGuard, NightShield, EnergyEye, PermaLight, and others, making your home truly intelligent has never been easier!

Climate Control

CastleOS offers you full control over your climate. It isn't just about remotely setting the thermostat, or scheduling the A/C to turn off while you are at work. It's about laying in bed in the middle of the night, and verbally telling your house to turn up the A/C because you're hot, by speaking out loud from the comfort of your bed. (Please note: sprinkler control will be enabled in a future release as part of the climate subsystem.)

Events & Scheduling

Of all the features besides the Kinect voice control, we're most proud of our Event and Scheduling subsystem. Why? It's not because we offer scheduling and triggering capabilities that others don't (even though we do), but because we made it simple. A homeowner won't need to call a professional to set up a complex schedule for them, instead CastleOS will walk them through it with a powerful and intelligent wizard. Events can be driven by a time or date, a schedule, or even by device actions (i.e. the garage door opens).


We took security seriously from the very beginning of development, and we are proud to say CastleOS has industry-leading security features including individual user accounts, hashed+salted+high work factor password storage at the Core Service, and AES 256-bit encryption of user information and passwords for all remote access apps. You will not find a password stored or transmitted in plain text here! In addition, users have the option of adding their own SSL certificate to add another layer of security!

Devices & Groups

CastleOS offers an intuitive display of your devices and their groupings. You won't find a complicated "spreadsheet-type" list of your lights and other devices here, our user interface is simple to learn and simple to use, modeled after how a human uses computers. CastleOS is fully compatible with all Insteon-enabled home automation devices (more protocols/networks to come in future releases).


As each user of CastleOS has their own personal account on the system, there are several ways individual users can personalize the system to the their liking. For instance, on the Portal (a quick access screen for several commonly used features), each user can customize their list of favorite/frequently used devices, groups, and scenes. Many more customizations will be possible as new features roll out!

About CastleOS

How it Works

CastleOS is an integrated software suite for controlling the automation equipment in your home - an operating system for your castle, if you will. The first piece of the suite is what we call the "Core Service" - it acts as the central controller for the whole system. This runs on any relatively recent Windows computer (or more specifically, the computer that has an Insteon PLM or USB stick plugged in to it), and creates a network connection to both your home automation devices, and the second piece of the integrated suite - the remote access apps like the HTML5 app, Kinect voice control app, and future Android/iOS apps.

Working in concert with the Core Service, these apps allow you to interact with the system from any device, and, with a Kinect, in any room of your house by speaking out loud. The HTML5 app can be accessed from your homes internal WiFi/network, and if you choose to configure your router to allow it, from outside your home as well (for instance, on your smartphone).

The Kinect voice control app similarly runs on a Windows computer (could be the same one as the Core Service, or not) with an Xbox360 or Windows Kinect plugged in. Once enabled, it persistantly listens (does not record) to any speech in the room, and when a command is spoken aloud, it acts accordingly. We are very proud to say that despite running 24/7 in a living room blasting loud music, movies, TV, and other noise at it, we have reduced false positives to all but zero.

CastleOS is a protocol-agnostic system, that means it's designed to work with any and all home automation protocols, like Insteon, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Belkin WeMo, X10, and others. Our hope is to democratize home automation by using these "open" protocols, so homeowners are no longer locked into expensive, proprietary systems like Control4 and Crestron.


  • I must say it has to be the best voice recognition setup for Home Automation on the market. Systems like HomeSeer and Iris from Lowes have speech recognition built in, but neither is as easy to use and as accurate as your implementation.

  • As one of the early testers, I actually went through the effort of converting my entire condo to be Insteon-enabled, and I definitely was not disappointed! CastleOS has proven to be a regular help, especially when I'm in a rush and leave the lights on!

    Mike, Boston MA
  • You guys made home automations as good looking and easy to use as Evernote! Nice Job!

    Doug, Providence RI
  • As the founder and lead developer of CastleOS, I've been using it since the beginning, and I can't imagine living in a home without it now. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't leave by saying to the house "computer turn off all lights", and return by telling it set the lights to my favorite scene.

    Chris, Boston MA

  • After using a handful of HA solutions over the years, I have finally found a UI in CastleOS that is simple, sleek and intuitive. It's the best browser-based system that scales easily to both desktop and mobile environments. No other HA matches the quality of the CastleOS UI.

    Matt, Seattle WA
  • We've been running our house on CastleOS for a couple months now, and the feature that most impressed me was the energy use tracking. I thought turning the exterior lights on every night was what was driving up my energy bill. It wasn't! It was me leaving on the expensive halogen lights in the kitchen! CastleOS proved that LEDs would pay for themselves in less than a year, and we switched!

    Lois, Newport RI
  • I must admit I was skeptical when I first heard the idea behind the voice control feature. It just seemed a bit unnatural at first (I was not a scifi fan, so this was my first experience with the concept). But after living with it for months, CastleOS has really proven to seamlessly integrate in to my daily life, and the voice control is very handy.

    Amanda, Boston MA

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